Welcome to UCSF Bioethics
Welcome to UCSF Bioethics

An interdisciplinary community of clinicians, researchers, and educators addressing ethical questions in health and biomedical research.

UCSF Bioethics connects faculty, staff, students, and trainees from across UCSF, creating a protected space for moral reflection that spans the university’s professional schools and health system. Faculty members conduct original research and policy analysis on a wide range of topics. They consult on moral and ethical concerns while embedded within bioscience or clinical projects. They devise strategies to effectively incorporate patient and citizen input into ongoing governance of science, clinical practice, and public health practice. And they provide a Research Ethics Consultation Service and direct educational programs for UCSF’s four professional schools.

In all of these settings, our faculty members seek to answer this question: How can we ensure the ethical use of our ever-expanding technological prowess?

May Faculty Spotlight: Efrat Lelkes, MD

I am a pediatric critical care and palliative care physician who is interested in fostering an increased understanding, and integration of, bioethics in pediatrics to ameliorate moral distress and enhance meaning in medicine for providers.

I am particularly involved in end of life in pediatrics and at the intersection of palliative care and ethics, specifically in pediatric critical care. Through clinical ethics, multidisciplinary education and narrative ethics, I aims to strengthen our ability to provide excellent care, advance pediatric medicine, and care for the sickest of children.

Past Faculty Spotlights:
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